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15Oct Mr. Dean Feng has been awarded 15Oct Mr. Dean Feng has been awarded

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The 2010 Annual Awards Announced

As a part of an annual review work, at a special year-end review meeting Shanghai Binhoo 2010 Annual Awards were honored to those staff members who are of admired personal qualities. These awards were made based on their comprehensive performance in the past year. In the meantime, some single-segment prizes were presented to the winners for the successful efforts and achievements they have made in the year of 2010. Congratulations on what they achieved. Here are the Annual Awards winners:

Mr. Dean Feng has been awarded

“The Best Professional Commitment Maker of the Year 2010” for his zealous concentration on industry-specific knowledge and the pioneering efforts that he made in his daily work.

Mr. Haibo Yang has been awarded

“The Best Devotion Maker of the Year 2010” for his down-to-earth style and the uncomplaining spirit that he showed on the job.

Miss Fiona Ma has been awarded

“The Best Teamwork Player of the Year 2010” for her all-round knowledge and ability and the cooperation that she offered to the other team members.

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